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Chris and Greg

Chris and Greg got married at the JFK Museum. The museum just started doing weddings this year, and the venue promptly became one of my favorites in Boston. And since meeting them, Chris and Greg have become one of my favorite couples from this year. They closed my wedding season out on a high note. They both were extremely down to earth and very good-natured about wedding planning and making sure everything remained relaxed and fun. The wonderful work of Gabrielle Stone and her staff helped to carry out that theme. I loved so much about this wedding and am really excited to share some of the images here. Thank you, Chris and Greg, for including me. Congratulations!

Keirsa and Steve

Keirsa and Steve got married at the Wychmere Beach Club. I loved working with these two. The beautiful setting took a backseat to Keirsa and Steve’s outward connection to each other and the people around them. Joyful tears and laughter were abundant. I loved so many moments from this wedding and am excited to share them. Thank you, Keirsa and Steve. And congratulations!

Marcy and Andy

Marcy and Andy got married at Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester. When Marcy and Andy came into meet with me we thought it was a funny coincidence they saw their friends Sahil and Kelsey in my photos. Then the mind-boggling coincidence came at Marcy and Andy’s rehearsal dinner when I saw Kavi and Elizabeth. They live in Iowa. I shot their wedding in Wisconsin in 2009. Andy was at that wedding, but he didn’t put together that I was there, too, until after he and Marcy hired me. I didn’t find that out until I was staring Kavi in the face trying to make sense of why he was at Marcy and Andy’s rehearsal dinner. Anyways, the universe put me on a collision course with Marcy and Andy, and I’m so grateful for that. They were both so charming and easy to work with and I feel lucky to have been a part of their wedding. Congratulations, guys!

Kate and Evan

Kate and Evan got married at Shelburne Vineyard outside Burlington, VT. I loved their approach to the wedding day. They got ready together in a big house where both families were hanging out. A taco truck catered the reception. And I loved that Kate was monitoring the dance floor playlist at the end of the night. They set the tone for an extremely laid back and very fun wedding. Congratulations, Kate and Evan!

John and Dom

John and Dom got married at First Unitarian in Providence before heading over to The Dorrance for their reception. I’m not sure I’ve seen so much rain in such a short time at a wedding. Luckily, the wet part was short-lived and made it particularly warm and cozy to walk into a breath-taking space with a three-piece jazz band, cocktails and a table full of donuts. Ever since their engagement session this summer I’ve been looking forward to spending more time with John and Dom at their wedding. I couldn’t be happier for these two and am so glad to have been a part of such a fun day. Congrats, John and Dom!


Irene and Ben

Irene and Ben got married at the Charles River Museum of Industry. The way these two planned their wedding was a refreshing example of style for the sake of substance. They both got ready together in the same hotel suite. They surprised their guest by greeting them to the cocktail hour before the ceremony. The unity ceremony symbolizing two parts becoming one didn’t use candles or grains of sand: They used rum and ginger beer. And instead of cake cutting they had a ceremonial cookie milk dunking to open up the dessert bar. Pleasant surprises around every corner. Congratulations, Irene and Ben!


Kathleen and Nathan

I returned to the city of my birth for Kathleen and Nathan’s wedding at the Merrion-Wynne House in Raleigh. Kathleen’s sister and brother-in-law are dear friends of mine, but I didn’t get to meet Kathleen and Nathan until the wedding day. As if being in North Carolina didn’t feel enough like home, Kathleen and Nathan and all their friends and family were so charming and welcoming. The shrimp and grits, the Krispy-Creme donuts, and the bottle of bourbon buried on the property to guarantee good weather (it worked!) felt so pleasantly southern. This was such a great trip and fun wedding to photograph. Congratulations, Kathleen and Nathan!

Patti Anzenberger - Channing, it was such a pleasure to meet you and get to know you! I feel like you are already family!! ?Thank you so much for capturing all the joy, love and fun celebrating with family and dear friends that made this day sooo special !! You are the best!!!! ?October 3, 2017 – 5:58 pm

Gina and Matteo

Gina and Matteo got married at the Crane Estate. Somehow this was my first time photographing a wedding at the venue, and it was an absolute pleasure. The space set the tone, and that feeling came across in the guests’ interactions and the whole mood of the wedding. Even the potentially-rabid raccoon that crashed the ceremony didn’t derail the vibe. It was so fun to capture the elegance of Gina and Matteo within the elegance of this special patch of land.

Katie and Rob

Katie and Rob got married at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, RI. I had the chance to meet up with them last year when they were visiting from California and immediately felt a connection with them both creatively and personally. Photographing abundant smiles at one of my favorite venues will never get old. Congratulations, Katie and Rob!

Sandra Guy - So beautiful. The pictures captured the love these two have for each other, and the happiness of this beautiful day.September 20, 2017 – 12:34 pm