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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Channing Goes To Providence

I’ve lived in Boston for almost two years, and my only experience with Providence has been on I-95.  My friend and colleague Ashley O’Dell joined me as we changed that with the help of our PVD host Stacey Doyle.  I needed a pound of coffee so our first stop was Stacy’s suppliers at Coffee Exchange. […]

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My nephew stopped by yesterday. His mom had to run some errands, so it was just the boys for the afternoon. And believe you me, when the cat’s away the mice will play. We had a lot of fun, and neither one of us cried at all during the 90 minutes we were responsible for […]

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Party Hopping

Welcome! Many of you are probably coming from Channing’s Blog Party,  A Wedding Journal or both. I’ve retired the two separate blogs since there often isn’t a distinct line between assignments and my daily musings. I was wasting too much energy trying to decide which blog I should place a picture on, so I solved that by […]

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