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Channing Goes To Providence

I’ve lived in Boston for almost two years, and my only experience with Providence has been on I-95.  My friend and colleague Ashley O’Dell joined me as we changed that with the help of our PVD host Stacey Doyle

I needed a pound of coffee so our first stop was Stacy’s suppliers at Coffee Exchange.  And did you know if you buy a pound of beans you get a free cup right then and there.  I love Providence. 

We hit up the RISD Museum and left equal parts inspired and disturbed (I found my BCE doppelganger).  Trinity Brewhouse was our next stop before ending the day at Cuban Revolution where we met up with Kristin and Dave.  Hilarity ensued before we rushed out to catch the last train to Boston, rushing out so fast we could only give a quick ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to Josh and his fiance Amanda as they arrived.

Looks like we’ll just have to plan another trip down.  Me and Providence are going to be friends for a long time to come. 


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Geoff Hansen - Dig the sculpture with glasses. Near-sightedness rules!March 17, 2009 – 12:24 pm

Josh Behan - Hey Channing,

It was too bad we missed you that night. Amanda and I are going to have an opening in the first week of April for our new studio. Stacey, Kristin, and Dave should be coming down too, maybe you and Ashley can hop on a train too. I could throw a rock to the Westerly train station from the studio.

Great blog by the way too

JoshMarch 13, 2009 – 3:46 pm

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Stacey Doyle - Awesome.
Had a fab time everyone!!
StaceyFebruary 28, 2009 – 1:44 pm

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