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Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Wolf Tree

My friend Elizabeth came into Boston on a northeasterly wind and left as quickly as she arrived.  We had brunch, and we went wandering for a spell before she continued her journey south. If you need another case for “it’s the photographer, not the camera”, check out her beautiful pictures and words:  It doesn’t matter […]

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baby carriage

My sister swung through Brookline the other day in search of a new car seat for my ever-expanding nephew. She needed to give her full attention to picking the safest, best-fitting, and most stylish (cow print) car seat. So, I kept an eye on little man.  I never realized how many friends you can make […]

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Dawn and Scott

I had a wonderful time wandering around with Dawn and Scott last week for their engagement photos. We walked  around Southie with the pups before exploring the side streets of the North End. We had no itinerary or direction in mind. Getting a little lost often leads to the best, most surprising photos. However, we […]

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Love and Editing

So far Brooke and I have put together an album for every one of our three years together. This is usually a painful experience as I dominate the process with my tyrannical editing practices. We’ve never finished a book without at least one of us crying. I’ve softened up a little over the years, however. […]

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Orange Juice

Yoon, Travis, and I recently took advantage of the flexible day-time schedule photography careers have provided us. We met up at Victoria’s Diner and talked a little shop.  If you’re looking for a place to serve you grits in Boston, Victoria’s is another option. Travis, a North Carolina native, said they were pretty darn good, too.

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My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew stopped by for a wonderful brunch yesterday. They brought delights from A&J King in Salem, and we feasted, gossiped, relaxed and watched the little one show off his crawling skills. The weather was warm enough to keep the windows opened and for Brooke to wear her Spring apron. However, I think we […]

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Contest: Best of 2008

I got to know some wonderful people last year in the process of bearing witness to some beautiful weddings.  I recently went back into my archive and selected a favorite moment from each wedding.  To make things fun, the couple whose image receives the most votes from blog readers will win a $150 gift certificate to […]

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Brea and Nathan

Nathan and I know a lot of the same people.  We both went to the University of Missouri at the same time, and Nathan’s current roommate is one of my high school classmates.  But, it was Brea and my fiancee who met first when Brooke chose Brea to do her wedding-day make-up.  Brea and Nathan are […]

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“A Good Sandwich is like an old friend”

FLYP Magazine sent me across the river to All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago. I’m now a little embarrassed I hadn’t been there before. Buckets-of-beer, daily-made cheesecake, and some of the most thoughtful and impressive sandwiches I’ve ever witnessed (and yes, tasted). I’ll be back soon. Check out the whole […]

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