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Monthly Archives: April 2009


Brooke was so proud of the bouquet she made with Stop & Shop flowers. I thought they were beautiful, too, and wanted to share them. She has a bouquet planned for our Saturday wedding, but flowers for our first wedding (tomorrow) were an afterthought.  This is probably the last post from single Channing. The next […]

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The girls came over this past weekend to deliver a death blow to our to-do list. Welcome bags, programs, place cards, favors. It’s all done. We’d be in a mess if it wasn’t for the generous people around us.

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Needle in a Haystack

Our wonderful friends Steph and Caitlin are creating all our floral arrangements with flowers from Wilson Farms. All Brooke and I had to do was find some pins and floral stems.  We didn’t know what floral stems were and spent more time than anyone should ever have to in Michaels Wedding and Ribbon section. I’ve enjoyed wedding […]

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I made this picture in March of 2004. About a year later, Brooke saw it hanging up in my sister’s office and asked who took it. Sara immediately made the connection that Brooke and I would be good partners. She actually said, “You should marry my brother!”  Never mind we hadn’t met. And never mind […]

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Mr. and Mrs.

Brooke worked on our place cards while I flexed my embossing muscles and finished up our programs. This was the first time I saw Brooke with my last name. I’m sorry. Our last name.  I told her not to give up Reitano, but she insisted. I suppose it is nice to have one family name. […]

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