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Bouquets and Bullets

I always knew that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen had a lot in common with Brooke and I.  But this is crazy: We’re getting married twice, too! 

On Friday the 24th we’re doing a small religious ceremony with just our families (and God).  This way we can have the Saturday ceremony and reception all in one place for the convenience of our guests.  Testifying our love and commitment to one another in front of our friends and family as a whole is very important to us, so we’ll be doing it again on Saturday in its entirety.  We might switch up some readings, but there will be blessings, witness, rings, and, of course, a kiss. 

One thing we hope there won’t be is gunfire.  Very tacky, Mr. and Mrs. Brady. 

Below, I’m trying on the $750 suit I found on sale for $150 at Lord and Taylor.  Eat your heart out, Tom. 


Phyllis - No gunfire indeed! Especially at photographers!April 10, 2009 – 6:02 am

yoon - you are a hot man.

wait, did i say that out loud?April 9, 2009 – 12:16 pm

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