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Sara and John

A plus to being a wedding photographer is that once a week I renew my wedding vows. Brooke doesn’t know that, but I always take to heart the reminders to treat commitment as a daily choice. I’ve seen many beautiful ceremonies and even dropped a tear at one or two (the air was a little dry if I remember), but Sara and John’s wedding is among the ones that resonated the most. Elly, their celebrant, asked John, “Will you ever cause Sara pain?” John answered, “I may.” Elly then asked him “Will you intend to?” And John answered, “No.” Elly asked the same thing of Sara and a handful of other questions that honored the realities and beauty of long-term relationships. After their intimate ceremony in XV Beacon’s wine cellar, all 12 guests went up to Sara and John’s suite for a toast before heading back down for dinner at Moo.┬áCongratulations, Sara and John!

kelly lorenz - amazing lighting!December 31, 2010 – 12:36 pm

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