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I’ve always had a personal relationship with photography. Some periods of the past 15 years that relationship has been stronger than others. Maybe it’s because my mental space is clogged with parenting logistics, but since Ellis has arrived I’ve taken fewer pictures at home. As sand slips through my fingers with unprecedented clarity, I do less to record it.

I think the “enjoy every minute” cliché is more than a little misguided. Some parenting experiences were meant to be endured, not enjoyed. But I do love being Ellis’ dad, and I want to start doing a better job of capturing these small moments as much, if not more, than the milestones. I think I can both be present and document this special time better for all the future selves in this family. 20141013-Ellis-Allen-0067

mike a - Channing, i have 2 kids, one 16 and the other is a freshman in college. I was going through my collection of family photos the other day and realized I haven’t taken nearly enough. My father, passed away a few days ago and I only had a handful of him. Make the time, believe me I understand how hard time is to find, but you will be glad when you see those images.November 19, 2014 – 8:29 am

melissa - Norah, and us, miss you guys soooo much!!October 24, 2014 – 11:10 am

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