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Marcy and Andy

Marcy and Andy got married at Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester. When Marcy and Andy came into meet with me we thought it was a funny coincidence they saw their friends Sahil and Kelsey in my photos. Then the mind-boggling coincidence came at Marcy and Andy’s rehearsal dinner when I saw Kavi and Elizabeth. They live in Iowa. I shot their wedding in Wisconsin in 2009. Andy was at that wedding, but he didn’t put together that I was there, too, until after he and Marcy hired me. I didn’t find that out until I was staring Kavi in the face trying to make sense of why he was at Marcy and Andy’s rehearsal dinner. Anyways, the universe put me on a collision course with Marcy and Andy, and I’m so grateful for that. They were both so charming and easy to work with and I feel lucky to have been a part of their wedding. Congratulations, guys!

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