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Declan and Levi

You’ve seen this beautiful family before here and here. Declan wasn’t even walking when I first spent an afternoon with the family, and now he’s a big brother. Levi is absolutely adorable and seeing the affection Declan has for the newest member of the family is the sweetest. I’m not sure Declan remembered me, but […]

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Zoe and Lilly

Sometimes photographers and their families are less documented than their clients. Although Anelise is a talented photographer who actually does a great job of documenting her own family, there is one thing that is often absent from the pictures: Anelise. So it was particularly rewarding not only to get some pictures of her and Mike’s […]

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I’ve been doing this long enough that I’m watching babies grow up into students. When I first met Anna she was small. The next time she was a little bigger. And now she’s someone’s classmate and walking to school. She’s doesn’t walk alone, but she’s confident enough to lead the way. Anna has some pretty […]

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Remember Sammy? Well, he’s grown up a little since the last time I hung out with the family. I rode with Derek and Emily to pick up Sammy at school and then went back home with them to get dressed for Halloween. Everyone had a gread time. Except for maybe Baxter. But someone had to […]

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Elise and Matt

Remember that one time I went to Amsterdam to shoot a wedding?¬†Well, Elise and Matt (who now live and work in D.C.) were in Boston earlier this summer for work. It was great to catch up with them during a quick MIT maternity session. For the record: Elise had to talk Matt and I into […]

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This spring and early summer I was lucky enough to hangout with a handful of families. One session marked the end of a first home, and they all marked a special time in these families lives. The last picture is of ¬†Erika and Eddie who married in Novemeber. They are pregnant and anticipating the wonderful […]

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It had been about a year and a half too long since I last saw Brenna, Steve, and their adorable daughter Anna. A lot can change in that time. Anna just turned 4 and instead of a home-made surfboard, this time the main prop was Steve’s new motorcycle. Brooke came with me on this one, […]

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Isa and Damiano

I met up with Emanuele, Robyn, Isabella and Damiano as they got their day started. It was such a pleasure and honor to help preserve these small moments. Breakfast on a random day in December is the least documented life event but one that can make you the most nostalgic years later. Thanks for making […]

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Amy and Gabe

I had a great time exploring with Amy and Gabe in their Jamiaca Plain neighborhood. They are due in November and wanted some pictures of this unique time in their lives. I was interested in recording a hint of what their life looks and feels like now. I can also see their daughter looking back […]

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