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Caitlin and Russell

I hadn’t met Caitlin and Russell before their wedding, but I had collected apples from Caitlin’s parent’s property a decade earlier. I used to live in Vermont, and my friends Jen and Alex are neighbors with Caitlin’s parents. It was great to return to one of the most beautiful patches of land I’ve ever set foot on to celebrate with Caitlin and Russell. I love photographing weddings where an impromptu domesticated goose chase barely gets a mention among the guests. Thank you, Caitlin and Russell!

Christos Hadjichristou - What has just happened on this one!

One by one tailor made pictures. Channing well done!

In some way you have captured your own inspiration (hope it make sense).

Bravo from CyprusSeptember 11, 2017 – 10:58 am

Cara and Brett

Cara and Brett got married at the Newport Beach House in Rhode Island and brought much of New Jersey with them. Most people travelled for this wedding and from the constant laughter I’m guessing it was worth the trip. Cara and Brett were one of the most thoughtful couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They were very interested in the people around them being taken care of. It was such a pleasure just to be with them. Congratulations, Cara and Brett!

John and Dom

I had so much fun wandering around Boston with John and Dom. I learned a great deal about urban planning, and we also re-hashed three seasons of Broad City. On their wedding day I’ll refrain from talking about the new season released just prior. Anyways, thank you John and Dom for a great evening. Can’t wait for the wedding!

John and Dom » Channing Johnson Photography - […] space with a three-piece jazz band, cocktails and a table full of donuts. Ever since their engagement session this summer I’ve been looking forward to spending more time with John and Dom at their […]October 16, 2017 – 11:34 am

Amara and Tim

Amara and Tim got married at the Montague Retreat Center in Montague, MA. I had a bunch of favorite moments from this wedding, but two stick our in my mind: 1) That point in the humid evening when Amara and Tim escaped to the walk-in fridge to cool down. 2) When Amara finally had enough of the wedding dress and emerged from her room bouncing all over the dance floor in her yoga pants and Birkenstocks. Amara likes to dance, and the dress wasn’t going to cut it. Great couple, great wedding. Congratulations, Amara and Tim!

Joan Levy - Wonderful, beautiful photos of Amara and Tim. Thank you!!!Love, the Happy Mother of the Bride and Mother in Law of the Groom.July 17, 2017 – 2:39 pm

Lisa and Andy

Lisa and Andy got married at The Preserve at Chocorua in New Hampshire. I had been looking forward to their wedding for a long time, and I was first struck by the beauty of the property followed by the warmth from Lisa and Andy’s crew as I settled in. Many were staying right on the property, and it felt much like a village of friends and family. So many great moments were there to capture and the whole process was made easy by Lisa and Andy’s great attitude and spirit. Thanks for having me!

Lisa and Brian

Lisa and Brian got married at The Holy Redeemer in Chatham before celebrating at the Wychmere Beach Club in Harwich. Everything went so well and felt so effortless. This may have had something to do with Lisa and Brian. If they were every worried or distracted about the details of the wedding I never picked upon it. I was inspired by their kindness towards each other and the people around them. Congratulations, Lisa and Brian!


Liza and Brian

Liza and Brian got married at the Beach Plum Inn. Anytime you travel by boat your destination becomes a hint more romantic. Although Martha’s Vineyard doesn’t really need much help feeling timeless and beautiful. Regardless, Liza and Brian’s wedding met all my island expectations and surpassed them with an abundance of warm-hearted and kind people. The logistics were simple and despite the threat of rain (that became a brief reality as Liza and Brian kissed and “Here Comes the Sun” played to close the ceremony), everything went smoothly. This was such a wonderful trip. Congratulations, Liza and Brian!